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Pro Pointy Mega Volume Premade Lashes is a game-changer for a lash artist. They getting hot in the market in the lash industry!

Boss Lash Pro Point base premade volume fans. Offering the latest premade volume fans heat bonded, truly black with an ultra-thin base stem!

Get ready to save time full set and fill sets faster!! so you can service more clients! 

Exciting News, all our eyelash extension supplies offer Genopay, meaning you can create mega volume now & pay later for 10 times interest-free!

  • NEW!! 360 Pro Point Lash in one tray
  • Available in 6D 7D 8D 10D 12D 14D
  • Heat Bonded.
  • Pointy thin tip bases for easy application.
  • Highest Quality Korean PBT. Easy to remove from the strip – no lash breakage or falling apart.
  • Amazing value. Time-saving. Beautifully create natural to mega volume in minutes
  • Foil backing ensuring each line peels off easily.  
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan-friendly 

12D Mix Premade Fans Pro Pointy Mega Volume I 0.03 | XL Tray

$38.00 Regular Price
$30.40Sale Price

Save 20%

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